Our Story



Blacklist Supply was born from the mindset of one young individual who has had a passion for Streetwear fashion. Born in a small city known as Mount Isa, located in remote Queensland, I found it extremely difficult shop locally for the clothing I was interested in.


Most of the time I would have to wait until I travelled to the coast and would then have the chance to visit one of the most world renowned streetwear fashion stores, Culture Kings.


Eventually, the digital age gave me greater access and I started to shop on the internet. From then on, most of my shopping was done online but I quickly encountered a problem.


I would place my order, excited to show off my new set of clothing, but when it arrived often the clothing would lack the premium quality that was stated or it just wouldn’t fit quite right. Being taller than the average person I soon realised the only way to ensure I was happy was to try everything on before purchasing.


I started to wonder if it was possible for me to create my own clothing, meaning that I could ensure it met my own high expectations with the designs I wanted. I started focusing on learning to create my own designs, despite having no experience in graphic design. I designed my first few pieces and had them ready to go.


I decided to print them on blank tees and to essentially create them from scratch. From then on, I made the choice to give it my all and opted to focus on a creating something entirely from the bottom up. After 8-9 months of spending thousands on countless samples, I finally found a manufacturer that suited my needs. My samples were shipped out to me and I was astonished by the end product.


I started wearing my samples locally and was overwhelmed by the compliments I would receive from people. I was always constantly asked, “where did you purchase that from?”


I quickly realised that there was growing interest in the samples that I had made (Floral Outcast & Signature Camo Tee). After speaking to my manufacturer, I found myself facing another issue, as I needed to have high minimum order quantity’s per design.


This left me with a dilemma, as a I needed to decide whether to resort to either printing on blanks or go well out of my budget and meet these requirements. After conclusion I saved up and had my first mass order produced.


I started making sales and ventured into creating head wear with a entirely different manufacturer. I released the “Signature Strap Back” and ended up selling all of the ordered pieces. I would constantly receive feedback from my customers referring to how good the quality was. I told myself that if I wanted to continue this journey of building the brand, I had to stand clear and to build my own bridge. I needed to ensure products differ from the usual.


Today Blacklist Supply distances itself from others by producing high quality garments with innovative designs with an affordable price tag. You can count on us to meet your expectations from the moment you place your order to the delivery.


Stand out from the Crowd!


Jair Harney

Owner of Blacklist Supply